Oil & Gas

Oil and gas development has revitalized the US economy and is an important part of our nation’s economic development and national security. Oil and gas companies are under intense pressure to profitably apply the latest technologies in some of the most challenging environments on earth. Because geologic formations cross state borders, oil and gas companies must adapt and comply with the law wherever their acquisitions lead them. In addition, understanding the nature of the localities in which they operate is an ever-increasing component of efficient oil and gas development. Our oil and gas lawyers have extensive experience assisting oil and gas companies in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Kansas on federal lands, state lands, private lands, and within various types of communities. Oil and gas companies seeking a seasoned oil and gas legal team with real contacts and experience choose SLG to meet their legal needs. Whether you need assistance with due diligence, title examination, regulatory hearings and compliance, oil and gas transactions, or environmental compliance and water use in the oil patch, we are here to assist you.

Natural Resources

Natural resources are vital to the world in which we live. The law surrounding natural resource usage and protection is rapidly evolving and increasing in complexity. Our natural resources lawyers considers staying abreast of the changes in this area of law to be the firm’s chief task on behalf of its clients. Our deep experience in a multitude of natural resource matters in multiple states and regions has made the firm a leader in natural resources law. Our perspective and experience enable us to work with you to develop a legal strategy that meets your needs, helps you accomplish your goals and protects your interests.


Governmental oversight is a reality of natural resources law. Companies and individuals wishing to develop natural resources must do so in environments involving and impacting various ecosystems and communities. Complying with the federal, state, and local rules and regulations is a full-time challenge that SLG enjoys and takes seriously. Our regulatory attorneys have experience navigating rules and regulations at all levels of government and across a range of energy matters. Because of its reputation for quality work before oversight authorities from the Rockies to the Plains, SLG can make help you with all of your regulatory needs.

Business Transactions

Business transactions enable the wheels of commerce to turn. Our business lawyers, are ready to help guide you through the most complicated business transactions that you may face. Whether you are looking to sell or acquire assets, alter your business structure, establish a business, or need a contract drafted or reviewed, we can meet your legal needs. Our firm will work to make sure that your business transaction serves you throughout the duration of your business and can help you adjust as your business changes.

Real Estate & Land Use

Real estate and land-use law is complicated and involves federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The law impacting real estate and land-use is influenced by the laws where your real estate is located. Our real estate lawyers are ready to assist you with planning, zoning, acquiring, developing, selling, and leasing real estate.

Water Law

Water law is an exciting and contentious field and our water lawyers remain on the cutting edge of this rapidly changing area of law. Our unique perspective, developed from practicing water law in multiple states, enables us to provide clients with the right approach to meet their water law challenges. Whether you are seeking to sell, acquire, or lease water rights, protect your water resources, negotiate a water use agreement, or comply with federal, state, or local environmental regulations, we are well-versed in water law and can help you understand the nuance of your particular water issues.

Regulatory and Administrative Law

Federal, state, and local agencies have a great responsibility to administer the laws governing the missions with which they are charged. Companies and individuals often view agencies as faceless bureaucracies. Our administrative and regulatory background enables us to provide you with a deep understanding of the administrative and regulatory process in your industry. Our regulatory attorneys make dealing with agencies at all levels a less cumbersome process for our clients. If your work requires you deal with a regulatory body, our administrative law experience will help you to effectively state your position and express your concerns.

Government Relations

Government relations is an essential component of business because it facilitates relationship building and understanding about business activities among lawmakers and the public. Often, lawmakers cannot stay abreast of changes impacting your businesses. In addition, business leaders cannot devote sufficient time to informing lawmakers and the communities they represent about their work. Our government relations background enables our clients to bridge the information divide between government and business so that your business can move forward. Whether you require assistance at the federal, state, or local level, our government relations team has the experience to help you accomplish your goals.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

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